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Media Planning is the most important tool while working on an ad campaign. It keeps in check the allocation of ad budget. releaseMyAd delves into the brand’s psyche and creates media objectives that reflect the brand’s requirements. We at releaseMyAd@Nashik focus on building a strong relationship between the brand and its consumers. Our use of media opportunity mapping ensures right media placing for your brand’s ads. We achieve these advertising goals via continuous research into consumer behaviour and taking care of consumer needs. Our focus on strategic thinking and creativity sets us apart from all other ad agencies of Nashik. 


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The Times of India

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Radio Mirchi

Red FM

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Cinemax College Road

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Nashik Demographics
Top Target Locations
  • Abhona
  • Adgaon
  • Aghar B K
  • Ambad Ind Complex
  • Andarsal
  • Bapatla H O
  • Bhagur
  • Bhausahed Nagar
  • Bramhangaon
  • Chandrapur Ordinance
  • Chandwad
  • Dabhadi
  • Dahiwad
  • Deogaon
  • Deolali
  • Deolali Air Force
  • Deolali Bazar
  • Deolali School Artilary
  • Devla
  • Dindori
  • Ghoti
  • Girna S S K Dabhadi
  • Girnara
  • Harsul
  • Igatpuri
  • Jaikheda
  • Kalvan
  • Khedgaon
  • Lakhampur
  • Lohoner
  • Malegaon Camp
  • Malegaon Market Yard
  • Malegaon Navapur Ward
  • Malegaon Sangameshwar
  • Malegaon Town H O
  • Manmad
  • Mohadi
  • Nampur
  • Nandgaon
  • Nandgaon B K
  • Nandgaon Bazar
  • Nashik
  • Nasik
  • Nasik Budwar Peth
  • Nasik Gandhinagar
  • Nasik Goley Colony
  • Nasik H O
  • Nasik H P T College
  • Nasik Ind Estate
  • Nasik Main Rd
  • Nasik Panchavati
  • Nasik Ravivarpeth
  • Nasik Road Camp
  • Nasik Road H O
  • Nasik Road I S P
  • Nimbgaon
  • Niphad
  • Ozar
  • Ozar Township
  • Palkhed
  • Peint
  • Pimpalgaon
  • Ravalgaon
  • Sakoze
  • Satana
  • Satpur Township
  • Saudane
  • Saykheda
  • Sinnar
  • Sukena
  • Surgana
  • Taharabad
  • Thermal Power Station
  • Vadalibhoi
  • Vadel
  • Vadnee
  • Vadner
  • Vaitarnanagar
  • Vani
  • Vinchur
  • Wavi
  • Yeola
Which media is good for which audience?

The fourth largest city of Maharashtra, famed for being the place of residence of Lord Ram while in exile, today Nashik is a bustling modern city with people migrating from all over for a better life. This variety in demography can only be tapped by applying a granular approach to marketing. Only by applying this theory can we create the perfect media mix for a successful media campaign.

The segmentation of Nashik consumers has been done by releaseMyAd@Nashik after putting in years of research. Our continuous research ensures we keep our databases updated. Traditional media like newspapers is still a very viable option for advertising, but to make newspaper advertising successful one must first be able to tell the difference between the readers of Lokmat, Punya Nagari, Maharashtra Times, Sakal and Times of India. We at releaseMyAd through our research have been able to do just that.

The same logic applies to radio advertising. Radio Mirchi, Red FM or Prasar Bharati all have a great presence in Nashik but before deciding on your media vehicle you must assure yourself if it will take your brand to your target audiences. Our extensive research and media opportunity mapping ensures we create innovative media plans for your brand that surely reach your target audience.

Whether it is advertising for newspapers, radio, cinema or internet our experts do not just design potent and cost effective ad campaigns for you but ensure their success too! At releaseMyAd we focus on Relationship Media as a way of building more profitable relationships between consumers and brands.